Practice Areas


In today's litigious society, your business needs a representative to protect its interests. With many developer and small business clients, Fritzshall & Pawlowski aggressively handles all types of commercial litigation such as real estate disputes, breach of contract cases, employment issues, collection suits, landlord tenant matters, foreclosures and mechanic's lien adjudication. Fritzshall & Pawlowski can represent you for all of your business litigation needs.


Divorce and custody matters can be some of the most difficult and stressful types of litigation. Fritzshall & Pawlowski can provide tough aggressive litigation while understanding the extreme emotions that accompany family disputes. Fritzshall & Pawlowski has long and successfully represented clients in all forms of divorce and custody court cases.


With your liberty and civil rights at stake, Fritzshall & Pawlowski's experience in criminal matters will make a difference. The attorneys at Fritzshall & Pawlowski have represented clients for all types of criminal defense from the most serious charges to simple misdemeanors. No matter what the charge, you need Fritzshall & Pawlowski's skill protecting you.


Buying or Selling a home or commercial property can be an extremely intimidating process. Fritzshall & Pawlowski can guide you through the negotiations, contract terms and the closing on the property. Fritzshall & Pawlowski has successfully handled thousands of real estate transactions and can help guide you smoothly through yours purchase, sale or conversion.


The legislature is passing increasingly tough traffic laws which now carry sever penalties, including jail time, for some offenses. Whether your charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, suspended or revoked license, speeding, or any other traffic violation, your driving privileges are seriously jeopardized. The attorneys at Fritzshall & Pawlowski have years of experience protecting drivers' rights in court and with the Secretary of State.


Fritzshall & Pawlowski can help alleviate your financial burdens. If you are overwhelmed by credit card debt, car loans, excessive home loans, medical bills or legal judgments, Fritzshall & Pawlowski can provide guidance and assistance through a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. We will counsel you to determine the best action for your situation.

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